Generational Youth Development Network (Gyd Network)

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By: FRANK ASAMOAH, author The Mirror of Life- The Journey of Self-Discovery

GYD NETWORK is a classical seminar forum in professional development branded to empower youths in Ghana and across nations through our reputable programs designed to suit the need and desires of Africa and the World at large. The forum is an educational platform where students in Ghana meet with career oriented men and women in their communities, schools, and at the various religious bodies to share and inspire them for excellence. This encourages learning and valuable ideas from each other in developing dreams into reality.

It is a Ghanaian non for profit educational network of young people who have been labeled and are seeking change to change negative situations in their lives and communities. The economy of Africa is very rich in everything natural resource; but our major challenge is lack of trajectory leaders. We lack trail family control, parenting and patriotic service personnel’s in our public and private work places. It is a major challenge on our continent; and it does not mean there is something wrong with us as a continent, nation and a family. We only need to groom young men and women in our various communities that will grow up to be the best leaders we have been yearning for. Our thinking, lifestyle and understanding of leadership, parenting, education, health and entrepreneurship must be well nurtured to our youths in Ghana and Africa for global excellence, and that’s the purpose of Generational Youth Development Network.

As nations grow their economies and human capital development; it is important to grow generational leaders. Generational Leaders are type of leaders who think about 4th and 5th future children. Their thinking is beyond clothing, selfishness, greediness, and unpatriotic. They think about nations first, the people and what the future holds for them. They are leaders with nationalistic spirit, determination, dedication and desire to serve all for excellence. Some generations’ plant trees and seasons is the only difference another generation cut them for their use. It is time to be a planter’ now for the unborn generations.

GYD Network has recognized the need to get more “planters” in our social and public lives. We need young and active citizens to think and provide solutions to challenges in Africa for global excellence. Through peer to peer mentoring, we empower young people on our educational forums, schools and in the religious bodies to be active citizens and not spectators, aware of government operations, their rights and the ability to use their voices to influence policies, practices, government regulations, and freedom of rights and be law abiding citizens in pursuit of their dreams.

Our network promote youth leadership empowerment forums from parents to teachers; invitation to Head of states on our forums, lectures, Presidents to Parliamentarians, Entrepreneurs to Business tycoons, young and old, now and future generations to be active citizens and not spectators. We encourage them to do more than just watch. The best people to solve Africa problems are Africans themselves.  Which I believe that person will emerge from our effort to reach out to all in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the youth across the World.

We are young people helping other people, ensuring availability of self-help, peer support and changing systems so that young people get the support they need with the respect and dignity they deserve.
Our mission statement to reach other countries in Africa and the world at large is of very high esteem. Our aspiration is to attain height of excellence in our services and also an opportunity to provide solutions and support to the world socioeconomic challenges.

What we offer:

*Teaching and Support to Youth in religious bodies, Youth Groups and Organizations *Career guidance and holistic education

*Youth leadership empowerment

*Youth Entrepreneurship (promoting start-ups)

*Youth Health Management

*Youth Leadership & Advocacy Activities and Opportunities

*Networking and Promotion

* Hosting GYD Network Forums

By: Frank Asamoah, CEO & founder.


Generational Youth Development Network (Gyd Network)