Get To Know The GYD Network Member Club

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GYD NETWORK Club is a youth network association with difference. The largest youth club in Ghana under which we groom and develop our youth to be useful members in their communities through social impact and transformation. We do so through career guidance and holistic education, health management series, entrepreneurial development, youth empowerment in leadership and the development of Ghana. We invite resource personnel from the above career fields to nourish and develop our youth to face and overcome their challenges in all accomplishments.

For a token registration fee, the youth are entitled to GYD NETWORK materials which is our source of raising internal funds to support the mission for excellence. We organize special RED carpet dinner conferences twice in a year. And our dinner sections are in formal standard with the primary aim of educating our young ones on table etiquette and professional corporate living.


It will enable the young people in Ghana to enjoy the luxury of their purpose on earth and impact others positively in the nation building for current and future generations.


Tertiary students, Senior & Junior High Schools, Orphans, Street Children, Single Parents’ Child, Broken Homes Children, churches, Islamic communities, professional institutions, government agencies, Institution of higher learning.

Get To Know The GYD Network Member Club